Amanda Druitt

Plaisance du Gers, Eauze 0033-(0)5-   0033-(0)9- 0033-(0)6-

Based near Plaisance du Gers, Amanda has been living in France for some 10 years with her family.

She is a commercial agent with a long history in the property business.

She moved from London where she worked for a property developer, specialising in major construction for over 17 years.

Amanda and her family have embraced the country life with enthusiasm having acquired five dogs. Amanda enjoys shooting and is also a keen archer and has taken part in several regional competitions.


  • Partnership attestation (‘attestation de collaborateur’) no. ADC 3201 2019 000 167 976 issued by the Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Registered on the Special Register for Commercial Agents at the Auch Commercial Court no. 494 896 525