Fight against money laundering
And the funding of terrorism

Under the terms of articles L.561-5 and following of the Monetary and Financial Code, notaires, lawyers and estate agents are required to check the identity of their clients, sellers and purchasers, prior to entering into business relations.

We are required to note and retain for 5 years surnames, christian names, date and place of birth of each person upon presentation of a valid official document with photograph, as well as the date and place of issue of the document, the name and capacity of the authority or individual issuer of the document (article R 561-5).

If we are not in a position to identify our client, or obtain information on the purpose and nature of our business relations, we should immediately end the same.

In the event of non-compliance, our business licence can be withdrawn and we are liable to a fine of 5.000.000 Euros.

*French Financial Intelligence Unit